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The Future of Online Betting in the United States

The Future of Online Betting in the
United States
Online betting has become increasingly popular in the United States. The industry is
expected to grow dramatically in the near future. There are several states that have
a large amount of online gambling licenses gembet. However, not all of these will be open to
the public.

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In early 2021, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed HB 2772 into law, making it
legal for sportsbooks to operate in the state. One of the first online sportsbooks to
come into the state was DraftKings. Since then, more than a dozen apps have
started operating in the state. These include FanDuel, PointsBet and BetMGM. While
these options are not currently accepting players from the major sportsbooks, it is
likely that they will in the coming years.
Maryland was the next state to legalize sports wagering. Its voters approved the
measure in December of 2021. The state is expected to make $20 million in tax
revenue from the new sports betting industry. This money will go towards children’s
education and the local economy.
Virginia was the third state to legalize sports betting. In June of 2020, the state
began testing its online casino and sports betting systems. During this period, the
state approved twenty sportsbook licenses. An additional ten sportsbook licenses
were added to the mix by mid-2020. After the soft launch period, the online and
retail gambling industry went live.
Illinois, a state that has been a pioneer in legalizing online gambling, also launched
its online sportsbooks in June of 2020. With twenty-five operators ready to operate
online, the state’s online betting industry is anticipated to reach a peak in 2022.
Connecticut, which has long been a leader in the sports betting industry, finally
started offering online betting in May of 2021. The state also allowed tribal casinos
to start offering retail betting. Once the tribal casinos begin offering retail betting,
residents will have access to more than a dozen sportsbooks.
Louisiana has been looking forward to legalizing sports betting for quite some time.

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A ballot measure passed in November of 2020 explicitly stated that the majority of
tax revenue generated from sports betting would be used to fund public education.
Texas is expected to be one of the most exciting markets for casinos. In addition to
the two legal sportsbooks that are located at the tribal casinos, a number of other
betting sites have entered the market. Some of these sites are less competitive than
others, however.
Oklahoma is another state that has been waiting for the opportunity to legally offer
online betting. In January of 2023, the state will legalize sports betting. Although
Oklahoma has the smallest population of any of the new sports betting states, the
state is still a significant player in the industry.
Pennsylvania is the fourth state to offer legal online gambling. Pennsylvania
lawmakers approved LD 585 in November of 2019. Two sports betting sites,
PokerStars and BetMGM, have launched the new industry. Unlike most other states,
the sportsbooks in Pennsylvania are not available to people from other states.


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